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PIC board must be dissolved, urges PSA

The Public Servants Association is calling for the appointment of a new Public Investment Corporation board, saying it should include labour representatives.

DA to EFF: 'We will fight hostile takeover of SA Reserve Bank'

The EFF's proposed nationalising of the South African Reserve Bank ultimately seeks to hold to ransom the country's entire banking system, charges the DA's Gwen Ngwenya.

This 27-year-old was left for dead. He is now launching drones to deliver blood to Rwanda's hospitals

Everyone died. Everyone except him. Today, Abdoul Salam Nizeyimana leads a team of young people in Rwanda who launch and retrieve autonomous drones that deliver blood to remote hospitals.

UK's richest man forced out of the shadows

Reclusive titan of industry Jim Ratcliffe has found himself under unusual scrutiny after being declared Britain's richest man, with his political leanings and tax affairs coming under the microscope.

Trump administration: Conserving oil no longer an economic imperative for US

Conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative for the US, the Trump administration declares in a major new policy statement that threatens to undermine decades of government campaigns for gas-thrifty cars and other conservation programmes.

Will sugar and chicken define an election?

If the decision by Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies to raise the import duty on sugar was intended to placate all levels of the industry, it failed dismally.

Job cuts will create more consultants, Cosatu warns

Cosatu is warning that job cuts in the public sector will lead to a skills exit, leaving departments with no option but to rehire those who left to work as consultants.

Sugar price rises to protect local industry

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies this week endorsed a massive hike in protection for the sugar industry following a recommendation from the International Trade Administration Commission.

Life vs profit: Zero harm in mining needs shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration

We are working tirelessly towards improving our safe production results and to achieving zero harm for as long as possible, writes Neal Froneman.

Life vs profit: One mine death is a death too many

The mining industry should spend money on health and safety and not on lawyers who threaten workers for speaking out, writes Livhuwani Mammburu.

Starved by the price of food

An NGO report advocates all VAT charges to be removed, warning that income levels in poor households are too low to afford basic foods, let alone transport and other costs.

SAA will need a long runway to take off

Although the national airline has long had its wings clipped, Thabang Motsohi is confident that regimented management could restore it to its former glory.

Why Old Mutual's 'homecoming' is a key litmus test for SA

Is 'Ramaphoria' really fading? We can't ignore SA's economic challenges, but we shouldn't forget its advantages, says <strong>John Luiz</strong>.

Grappling with tweet aftermath, Musk acknowledges exhaustion

Elon Musk has acknowledged exhaustion from overwork as he deals with the aftermath of a market-rattling tweet on taking Tesla private - a mess that worsened with reports that US regulators subpoenaed him over the statement.

Concern over companies netting zero-rating tax benefits

The panel appointed to review the basket of zero-rated VAT items is concerned about producers netting the benefits of more items being added.

Property prices 'correcting', but no cause for alarm

Pricing properties at the right level has become very important in the current residential market, which is busy correcting itself, property experts tell Fin24.

More pain seen as economists cut key SA forecasts

President Cyril Ramaphosa has had hopes of lifting economic growth to 3% in 2018. Economists think that goal is even more unattainable than before.

The fundamental difference between money market and income unit trusts

A Fin24 user wants to know what the fundamental difference is between a money market unit trust and an income unit trust.

Harmony Gold expects earnings to be lower than prior financial year

Harmony Gold has achieved its production guidance for the third consecutive year and increased its underground recovered grade by 8%.
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