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SABC 8 comments causing the Presidency some concern

SABC 8 comments causing the Presidency some concern

The Presidency has said that it finds comments made by certain journalists not only surprising, but concerning.

Bongani Ngqulunga, spokesperson for the Presidency, was referring to comments made by a group of journalists at the SABC who labelled a meeting between the president and the broadcaster's Acting Group Executive News, Kenneth Makatees, and National TV News Editor and then Acting Head of TV News, Nyana Molete, as "injudicious".

"The Presidency is surprised and concerned by the utterances of the group," Ngqulunga said in a statement.

He said that the stance the group was taking towards stakeholder meetings between the Acting Head of News at the SABC and the Presidency raised serious questions regarding their ability to remain objective.

"The posture of the "SABC 8" group of journalists raises serious questions as it gives an impression, that in their view, the Presidency should not meet with or talk to SABC journalists," he said.

He further questioned how journalists at the public broadcaster would be able to do their jobs effectively with this kind of attitude coming from their superiors.

"We trust that journalists at the economics desk for example, who report to one of the members of the "SABC 8", will not feel duty bound to avoid speaking to the Presidency or to cover the Presidency in deference to the public position taken by their supervisor," Ngqulunga queried.


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