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5 Longest Running TV Shows Still Going Today

Some of the longest running TV shows have been entertaining us ever since we can remember. The first TV show premiered all the way back in 1928 and since then many shows have come and gone. But some of the longest running TV shows have stood the test of time and critics. You probably grew […]

10 Celebrity Real Names That Will Surprise You

Katty Perry – whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson – recently revealed during a live-streamed therapy session that she struggles to keep her persona and her real-self separate. So, to keep it real, take a look at some celebrity real names that you might not have known. RELATED: The Famous Faces Behind Iconic Disney Characters […]

Celebrities Who Voiced Video Game Characters

It’s hard to tell who is the voice behind some of the most popular video game characters of the day. At times, without a face, we fail to recognise who is who behind what character. Delving deep into the world of video game characters, we discovered that quite a few famous faces voice some of our […]

5 Of The Most Unexpected Expensive Things In The World

If you think you have expensive things, think again. These expensive things make your spending habits look like child’s play. RELATED: 5 Of The Most Expensive Cars In The World Here are 5 of the most expensive things in the world, that surprised us.   Domain Name Price: $35 million Not all expensive things are actual […]

What Does Kenny Say In The South Park Intro Song

The South Park intro song is a fan favourite. It’s easy to learn and has a catchy tune, making the South Park intro song a song that even non-South Park fans know. One of the best parts of the South Park intro song, is Kenny’s part. The fact that you can never understand what Kenny […]

6 Of The Most Famous Movie Phones

Movie phones are used to introduce interesting conversations in films. Some movie phones have caught our attention for being cool, high-tech or innovative. Other movie phones are remembered for how ridiculous they are. RELATED: 5 Of The Worst Gadgets Of Our Time These are the most popular movie phones from our favourite films. The Matrix This […]

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

It’s been a few years since the reboot of the popular dinosaur franchise with the 2015 release of Jurassic World. The reboot wasn’t terrible and many old and new fans were anxious to see how Fallen Kingdom will evolve the story further. RELATED: 5 Of The Most Unexpected Expensive Things In The World Here’s what we […]

5 Weird Superheroes With Strange Powers

We all know the basic superheroes, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. But with such a huge franchise there are some weird superheroes that you might never have heard of before. RELATED: Our Top Five Favourite Fake Companies We’ve come across 5 some weird with the most obscure superpowers. 1. Catman This supervillain and Batman-rival is […]

5 Words Added To The Dictionary Thanks To Pop Songs

Pop songs have catchy tunes and phrases that get stuck in your head. Pop songs are so popular, in fact, that they are responsible for making up words that were then added to the dictionary. They are also responsible for resurrecting old words and giving them new meanings. RELATED: The Perfect Morning Music Playlist According To […]

Disney Princesses Ages: How Old Were They?

Many of us grew up watching Ariel wanting to be part of Prince Eric’s world, Aladin taking Jasmine on a magic carpet ride, or wishing we also had seven dwarves as friends like Snow White. But have you ever wondered what the real Disney princesses ages were? You might be surprised to find out what […]
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