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10 Movie Cars We Wish We Could Drive IRL

Movie cars can be seen driven in some of your favourite blockbusters. These movie cars have become synonymous with the movies they are sported in and fans drool over the possibility to drive them in real life. RELATED: Biggest Box Office Bombs Of All Time These are our favourite famous movie cars that send our hear […]

Black Panther Is The Biggest Movie Ever In South Africa

We loved Marvel Stuidios’ latest superhero movie, especially the cool South African references. And now it seems we weren’t alone. In its fifth weekend of release (16-18 March 2018), Black Panther became the all-time top-grossing film in South Africa, with a haul of over R77.6 million since it’s 16 February 2018 release. This record means […]

Fictional Food That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

What is it with fictional food from movies and TV that makes it look so mouthwateringly delicious? And fictional food also always seem to appear when you’re at your hungriest or when you’ve just started a new diet, tempting you with how movie magic yummy it all looks. RELATED: Our Top Five Favourite Fake Companies Here […]

All Of The New Star Wars Movies Still To Come

When Disney bought the rights to Star Wars from Lucasfilm back in 2012, we knew that we could expect many new Star Wars movies. If the recently released Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Force Awakens and, The Last Jedi are anything to go by, then the new Star Wars movies still set for release […]

5 Replaced TV Stars Everyone Noticed

Replaced TV stars are always noticed by fans, no matter how hard the TV show creators try to cover up the replacement. RELATED: 10 Rich Fictional Characters That Will Make You Envious There are different reasons for replacing a TV character like other work commitments, disagreements, illness, addictions, etc.. Whatever the reasons, replaced TV stars are […]

The 5 Most Expensive Houses In The World

If you thought you’re bond payments were high or that your rent was steep, then think again. The most expensive houses in the world will make you feel like you live in a different world than the elite people who own them. RELATED: Disney Princesses Ages: How Old Were They? These are the most expensive houses […]

How Different Disney Movies Are Connected

You may remember a while back that we posted about how Pixar/Disney movies are connected. We were shown how many little and big easter eggs lurk in exciting places in Pixar/Disney movies. RELATED: Disney Reveals How The Pixar Movies Are Connected Now we can see how the classics are connected. Disney movies have always given fans […]

Annihilation Review: Another Netflix Hit

Netflix is getting bigger and better with its original content. It has delivered yet another big movie premier with Annihilation, that is sure to draw audiences over and over again. RELATED: Fictional High Schools We Wish We Could’ve Attended Director Alex Garland Cast Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tess Thomson, Gina Rodriguez Rating Genre Sci-Fi Horror […]

Fictional High Schools We Wish We Could’ve Attended

High school is hard for most teenagers, but these fictional high schools made it look like a lot of fun. RELATED: 10 Rich Fictional Characters That Will Make You Envious These are the fictional high schools we wish we could have attended in real life. Rydell High If you wanted to sing and dance and fall […]

5 Of The Best Background Shows To Binge Watch All The Time

Some people listen to music to keep them company while doing something mundane like cleaning the house. Others prefer background shows to get them through tasks that might not need your full attention. RELATED: Former Famous People With Real Jobs These are some of our favourite background shows to put on while we do boring stuff. […]
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