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Groenewald begs Ramaphosa to protect landowners

Groenewald begs Ramaphosa to protect landowners

Leader of the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus), Piet Groenewald, has accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of being aloof on land grabs in South Africa.

Groenewald said land grabs were already a reality, adding that Ramaphosa's promises to protect property owners were pure rhetoric and utterly meaningless under the current circumstances.

"The reality is that land grabs are indeed taking place while law enforcers are looking on and not taking action against those breaking the law," said Groenewald on Monday.

"The police do not listen and respond to landowners' requests to step in and take action against land invaders. The police and metro police are just standing by and looking on while laws are violated and insist on a court order before they are prepared to act," added Groenewald.

It is no secret that the FF Plus is spearheading a fight back campaign against land expropriation without compensation. These comments come in the wake of the National Assembly's resolution on land expropriation, passed last month.

With time running out, the FF Plus is doing everything in its power to derail that process, even if that means sparking fear among South Africans. However, Groenewald is adamant that the land grab fears are completely justified.

"President Ramaphosa will have to make sure that his words are followed by appropriate action as not everyone has the money to first get a court order to 'activate' the police to take the necessary steps," said Groenewald.

"Land grabs are taking place across the country and between Groblersdal and Marble Hall, land grabbers have broken up a tar road in order to block access routes. Thus far, no arrests have been made in this regard and land grabbers are apparently going unpunished.

"The President will have to face up to the reality of what is happening on grassroots level and he will have to take note of the fact that unrealistic expectations regarding land were created among the masses. Ramaphosa will only pass the test if law enforcers take immediate action when complaints against land invaders and illegal occupants are lodged."

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