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3 beauty resolutions to make in the new year!

3 beauty resolutions to make in the new year!

Maybe you've already made your list of New Year's resolutions, but what about ones that will lead you to being the ultimate in beauty goals? Here are beauty resolutions to add to your list to give you the upper hand when it comes to being beauty goals. Invest in a good cleanser Cleansers, along with toners (may they rest in peace) have gotten a bad reputation as being a non-vital part of a skincare routine.

WATCH | Inside the R92m 'Gatsby' mansion in Houghton

Heart and soul. That’s what it took to build a jaw-dropping R92m home in Houghton Ridge, Johannesburg.

Adopt these three grooming tips for a better you!

Get 20Plenty off to a great start with these essential grooming habits.

Gwyneth Paltrow launched 'vagina-scented' candles & they're sold out

Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina-scented candle is described as 'funny, gorgeous, sexy and beautifully unexpected'

What to wear, eat & drink: the top trends for 2020

The new year is upon us, and with it, its different offerings and trends for the year. So, if you are looking to find out what’s hot this year, look no further, as we have you covered.

Think before posting your "bundle of joy" online: 3 tips to keep your child safe from social media predators

Back-to-school photos are a gesture of celebration. But, as security experts are taking pains to caution, even apparently small details can reveal private and potentially compromising information.

Fikz's cabbage creativity dispels vegetable myth

Self-taught chef invents recipes with unique flair

Four ‘unorthodox’ tips to stay alive as you drive home from the holidays

Instead of the usual road safety advice, try these simple safe driving tips for the return drive home

Here's what SA secretly fantasises about doing between the sheets

From mom-in-laws to vending machines, survey reveals that anything goes.

Top grooming tips for dealing with unwanted hairs

Whether you prefer laser, threading, or DIY-ing, we’ve got the solutions for you to banish unwanted hair.

Raising a child that does not speak their home language? Here are some tips to adopt at home

For many black South African adults, not being able to speak or understand their mother tongue is a sore topic: the embarrassment and cultural isolation can be too much to bear. Preserving language is something that should begin at home.

#Januworrysurvivalkit: from pilchards to noodles, Mzansi gives hilarious advice

How will you survive the first two months of January? Twitter has got you.

How to ensure you’re paying a fair price for a used car

The FirstCheck app allows buyers and sellers of pre-owned vehicles to check values and legal status from a smartphone.

Would you have sex with a stranger for lots of cash? Here's what SA had to say

Do you remember 'Indecent Proposal' — that '90s movie in which a stranger offers a married couple a whopping $1m to spend a night with the wife? Well, as part of the 2019 Sunday Times Lifestyle Sex Survey, we put a similar proposition to our readers.

SA road users embracing technology 'but are wary of self-driving cars'

South Africans prefer to own their own vehicles, are sceptical of overseas trends like carpooling and are happy to pay for apps that make their time on the road quicker and safer.

Research reveals a simple way to help your child get better maths marks

New European research has found that encouraging children to talk positively to themselves could boost their maths performance.

Depression in men: the silent killer we need to talk about

Men have long shied away from talking about depression. It’s time to start opening up.

Meatless burgers, hemp cocktails and pasta straws - 2019's eco-friendly food trends

From cockroach milk to beer made from waste water, a raft of eco-friendly food trends hit menus and supermarket shelves in 2019 vowing not to add to the world's carbon emissions.

WATCH | Ford's touching new technology helps the blind 'see'

Smart window displays outside view to blind passengers using haptic feedback

McLaren's new supercar achieves 403km/h - as promised

Speedtail is the successor to the legendary F1 - and its acceleration and top speed set new benchmarks for the British brand

Thabisa Mjo remixes award-winning pendant light design to create more beautiful objects

“The pendants are the remix of the Tutu pendant. The V&A is a great space to show the evolution of the Tutu pendant."

Watch | VW says goodbye to Beetle with emotional video

Touching short film shows the iconic car, which ended production last year, flying off into the sunset

Uber Eats goes local to find its niche in South African food fight

The San Francisco-based app is now targeting traditional, local fare.

AfroPunk fashion turns up the volume with flower power and a retro twist

Flowers were one of the strong themes at the third annual AfroPunkJoburg experience in 2019.

From Mandisa Mfeka to Zozibini Tunzi - Five women who slayed 2019

2019 was nothing short of women domination as Saray Khumalo, Zozibini Tunzi, Bonang Matheba, Naledi Chirwa and Mandisa Mfeka broke boundaries in their respective fields.

Fashion house Aimé Leon Dore teases upcoming collaboration with Porsche

Aimé Leon Dore founder Teddy Santis has teased a fresh collaboration with German luxury car manufacturer Porsche, just days after he revealed via Instagram that his existing partnership with New Balance will also continue

End of the line for the last-generation Porsche 911

A year after its 992 successor arrived, the 991 series comes to an official end

Cooking up old, new memories

Everything on Christmas Day is special. From the clothes you wear to even the church service.

Gift ideas for the sports fanatic, the audiophile and the techie

SPONSORED | Huawei’s latest products make perfect Xmas gifts for your friends and family
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