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Police question Davido following death of a friend

Police question Davido following death of a friend

Nigerian artist Davido was recently questioned by police following the death of his close friend. 

Police questioned the Fall hitmaker about his friend's death following the suspicious deaths of two members of his entourage. 

According to reports, Davido's friend Tagbo Umeike was allegedly out drinking with his crew on the night of the incident. His body was later abandoned at Lagos Island General Hospital on October 3.

Davido claimed that he had heard about his friend's death while he was at a club. It was later discovered that Davido's driver allegedly took Umeike to the hospital. 

The deceased's girlfriend, Caroline Danjuma, is accusing the artist of abandoning her boyfriend. 

Danjuma is demanding that the artist explain why he left Umeike. 

Davido took to Instagram and said that he hasn't commented on the matter as a way of respect for his friend's family. 

"Due to respect for Tagbo and his family, I haven't spoken about the issue since (his death). Soon, a statement and footage will be released. Enough is enough," he said. 

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