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Ramaphosa delivers a lecture on time

Ramaphosa delivers a lecture on time

President of the African National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa, said the fact that the January 8 Statement started on time was as good a sign as any that things were changing in the governing party.

Ramaphosa, delivering his January Statement 8 in East London on Saturday, said the ANC was a leader of society, adding that it was incumbent upon the organisation to lead by example. Starting ANC and government sanctioned events on time is the first port of call.

"Comrades, as you can see, this year we started our celebrations on time. We did not delay in starting our celebrations," said Ramaphosa. 

"This is a clear signal that things are changing. Things have changed. The National Executive Committee, at its first meeting, also started on time. Right on the dot," added Ramaphosa.

The new ANC President, delivering his first January 8 Statement, explained that starting things on time was about respecting of self, respecting the ANC and respecting South Africa, which has given the organisation the mandate to govern.

"Nelson Mandela would have been very pleased to see that in starting our things on time, we respect each other, we respect our movement and we respect our people," said the ANC President. 

"From now on, we want a new culture to spread around our movement and our country, when we say we will start a meeting at a particular time, that meeting must start without fail. That is what the ANC should be showing as an example going forward."

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