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Van Damme blasts ANC failure to recall Zuma

Van Damme blasts ANC failure to recall Zuma

The Democratic Alliance (DA) was on the offensive this week, after the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the African National Congress (ANC) failed to set the wheels in motion for the recall of President Jacob Zuma.

Zuma has been replaced at the helm of the ANC by Cyril Ramaphosa, who delivered his first January 8 Statement on Saturday.

However, since Ramaphosa took over at the helm there has been little to no indication that there would be plans to recall South Africa's Head of State.

While Ramaphosa is the new face of the party, many of the Top 6 also served in that structure under the Zuma administration. In addition, Zuma still has many loyalists who serve on the NEC of the ANC. 

Members of the ANC will argue that whatever decision is taken on the future of Zuma would depend largely on whether a recall will be in the best interests of the governing party. There are genuine fears that a Zuma recall would damage the governing party...beyond repair.

However, the DA spokesperson Phumzile van Damme is not buying it. She insists that Ramaphosa merely represents a continuation of all that was experienced under the Zuma administration.

"The failure by the ANC NEC and ANC President, Cyril Ramaphosa, to recall Jacob Zuma yesterday only proves that the ANC is incapable of change," said Van Damme in the aftermath of this week's NEC meeting.

"Zuma and his cabal of corrupt cronies have wreaked havoc on our country. He has made reckless decisions, destroyed key public institutions, weakened our democracy and ruined our economy, all under the noses of the ANC leadership," added Van Damme.

One aspect that has sparked considerable criticism from opposition parties is the fact that much of the corruption and poor governance from the ANC, during the past three years, has happened under Ramaphosa's nose.

Ramaphosa, in his capacity as South Africa's Deputy President, has also functioned as head of government, which probably means he is just as responsible as Zuma for all that has transpired. Van Damme shares that sentiment.

"Yet, despite all of Zuma's indiscretions, Ramaphosa has failed to recall him showing that the ANC will not self-correct and that we can only expect more of the same," added Van Damme.

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