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10 Of The Best Selling Mobile Phones Of All Time

The mobile phone market has been rising since the 80s. Some mobile phones make it big, and other ones bomb hard. There are those devices that don’t really crack the market, then there have been some of the best selling mobile phones that everyone remembers owning or seeing around them. RELATED: 5 Retro Cellphones We Wanted as […]

South African Gadgets You Use Everyday

South African gadgets are everywhere. Many of us use one or more of these locally created tech products everyday. These South African gadgets aren’t only used locally, but they have managed to make their marks on the international markets too. RELATED: South African Comic Book Artist Is Geeky Cool Kreepy Krauly Most local suburban homes have swimming pools to […]

5 Of The Most Unexpected Expensive Things In The World

If you think you have expensive things, think again. These expensive things make your spending habits look like child’s play. RELATED: 5 Of The Most Expensive Cars In The World Here are 5 of the most expensive things in the world, that surprised us.   Domain Name Price: $35 million Not all expensive things are actual […]

Stolen Phone: Survival Guide

There is nothing like reaching into your bag or pocket to realise your phone has been stolen. Not only does a stolen phone cause you a huge financial loss, it can also cause anxiety due to the loss of data and the fear that someone might use your data or personal information. Also, it can […]

Three Ways To Buy Bitcoin: How Tech Has Made It Easy

The tech world is always throwing up new ideas and innovations. In 2009, the world was given a potentially epoch-making piece of technology known as bitcoin. By allowing people to send, receive and trade currency in a unique and decentralized way, bitcoin instantly became a threat to traditional payment methods. Although the cryptocurrency was only […]

Top Console-Like Mobile Games You Have To Play

If you thought that you needed to sit at a TV with a controller in your hand to experience a great console-like game you were wrong. With technology moving so fast and mobile devices becoming increasingly more powerful, they are able to deliver fantastic gaming experiences without compromising on the quality and sheer scale of […]

6 Of The Most Famous Movie Phones

Movie phones are used to introduce interesting conversations in films. Some movie phones have caught our attention for being cool, high-tech or innovative. Other movie phones are remembered for how ridiculous they are. RELATED: 5 Of The Worst Gadgets Of Our Time These are the most popular movie phones from our favourite films. The Matrix This […]

Tips To Prevent Being Fooled By Fake News

Fake news has been plaguing the headlines for years. But since the internet has made viral a thing, false news has been able to spread faster than fact checkers can warn people of the fallacies. RELATED: Fake Brands We Love In Movies And Shows To help prevent you from believing the most absurd stories, here are ways […]

5 Retro Cellphones We Wanted as Kids

 In the 90s cellphones just came out and it was more of a status symbol than it is today. If you had a cellphone it was huge! Even by the early 2000s it was still a big deal and many of us lusted over owning our own one of these retro cellphones one day. These […]

Weird Gadgets That People Have Actually Bought

Some people spend ridiculous amounts of money on gadgets that they really want. And other times people some how get sucked into buying weird gadgets that somehow made it into the market. RELATED: 5 Luxury Gadgets You’re Probably Too Poor To Have Here are some of the weird gadgets that people spent their money on. Selfie […]
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