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31 killed and 50 more injured by Afghan suicide bombing

The carnage continued in the Middle East on Sunday, when at least 31 people were killed by a suicide bomber outside a voter registration centre in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Twitter lights up for 420 celebrations

Cannabis Culture is being celebrated around the world today, as stoners mark the tremendous strides being made in the struggle for the decriminalisation and legalisation of marijuana consumption.

Azaria: Portman's rejection of "Jewish Nobel" an ominous sign for Israel

The Kulanu Party's Rachel Azaria said Natalie Portman's rejection of the Genesis Prize Foundation was an ominous sign for Israel, which is heavily reliant on the support its gets from the Jewish community in the United States.

UK will strongly support Zimbabwe's re-entry to Commonwealth

Foreign Secretary for the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, said Zimbabwe would be welcomed back to the Commonwealth of Nations with open arms, granted it continues with its political and economic reforms.

BRICS romance heats up in scorching Durban

The BRICS romance intensified in Durban this week, after Brazil, India, China and South Africa set a 2021 target, to facilitate the seamless movement of goods among member countries.

Survivors of South Sudan Civil War starting to wish they were dead

As the civil war rages on in South Sudan, life becomes increasingly unbearable for the millions of civilians who are affected by the violence.

Death of South Sudanese General marks end of an era

South Sudanese rebel turned army chief, General James Ajongo, died in Egypt on Friday, following a short period of illness.

Cambodian man broadcasts suicide live, after killing ex-wife

Cambodian police are still searching for the body of a man who threw himself off a bridge, after killing his ex-wife on Thursday.

Russian warning to USA: Our response to sanctions will be precise and painful

Speaker of the Russian Parliament, Valentina Matvienko, has warned the United States and its allies against any plans to implement sanctions against that country.

Fox: UK trade with RSA won't be disrupted post-Brexit

Secretary for International Trade, Liam Fox, said the United Kingdom would do everything it could to avoid any disruption to trade with South Africa.

Brexit will be at the heart of CHOGM2018

President Cyril Ramaphosa said the developments at the European Union were impossible to ignore, as the United Kingdom shifts its plans to leave into fifth gear.
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