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Africa - one of the worst places for educating girls

Africa - one of the worst places for educating girls

United Nations developmental campaign One has compiled a list of the top 10 toughest countries in the world to educate female children, and African countries fill nine of the ten spots.

One compiled the list to mark the UN's International Day of the Girl, celebrated on October 11.

South Sudan, tops the list. As the world's newest country (coming into being in July 2011), violence and war has seen schools destroyed and families displaced from their homes. Close to three-quarters of girls in the country do not even receive a primary school education.

The Central African Republic, in central Africa, comes in at number 2, with a ratio of 80 students to every teacher.

Niger is at number 3, with a literacy rate of only 17 per cent for girls aged between 15 and 24.

Afghanistan, the only non-African country to make the list, sits at number 4, where the gender gap is the difference, with boys more likely to be sent to school than girls.

Chad comes in at number 5, where girls and women face a number of social and economic barriers to their receiving an education.

Mali is at number 6, where only 38 per cent of girls finish primary school.

Guinea is number 7, where the average time that women over the age of 25 spend getting an education amounts to less than one year.

At number 8 is Burkina Faso, where only one per cent of girls complete their secondary education.

Liberia, the only African country with a female president, is at number 9 as close to two-thirds of primary-age learners are not in school.

Ethiopia rounds out the top 10, as two in five girls are married before they reach the age of 18.


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