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Australian PM parodies Trump - and it goes public

Australian PM parodies Trump - and it goes public

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull decided to show the press that he had a lighter side and comedic talents, which may come back to haunt him after a video went viral.


Turnbull spoke at a ball hosted by the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery in Canberra, Australia.


Turnbull was recorded on a phone impersonating United States President Donald Trump and poking fun at his government's dismal performance in current opinion polls.


The Australian leader has rarely been critical of Trump in public, despite his counterpart describing their first telephone conversation (about refugee resettlement) in January as 'testy'.


Both leaders used their first face-to-face meeting in May to publicly show that they were friends and that there were no hard feelings.


That may not be the case now, following Turnbull's performance on Wednesday evening.


Turnbull made the remarks believing they were 'off-the-record'.


He has since said that he is extremely disappointed that excerpts of his speech have been made public.


Australia's Nine Network broadcast the footage on Thursday.

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