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Brussels bomber was a Morocco national

Brussels bomber was a Morocco national

Belgian prosecutors said there was absolutely no doubt in their mind that the explosion at a Brussels central train station was terror related, adding that the man suspected of setting off the explosion was killed by soldiers.

Speaking to journalists at the Grand Palace this week, state prosecutor Eric van der Spyt said: "We consider this a terrorist attack.

Police have since established that the bomber was a 36-year-old Moroccan national. The terrifying thing about this case, though, is that the suspect was known to police.

The suspect in question had an explosive belt on him (although he wasn't wearing it when he was shot) and he was carrying a backpack just before soldiers gunned him down. The soldiers involved were on routine patrol when the incident happened, following similar attacks in the past.

The city has been on high alert for the past year.

No additional casualties were reported, following the incident and Van der Spyt insisted that authorities had a firm handle on the situation, that everything was now under control. 

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