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Outrage as Nigerian senators pay revealed

Outrage as Nigerian senators pay revealed

Nigerians have taken to social media to express their outrage after senators' budgets were revealed.

People responded in shock and outrage after Senator Shehu Sani revealed the budgets he and his colleagues receive for monthly expenses. 

Sani, who represents Kaduna Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly, confirmed that each Senator received a monthly budget of N13.5-million (around R42 000) to spend as they see fit. 

This is in addition to the N750 000 (around R24 000) that they receive as a monthly salary, as well as an annual constituency budget.

The Senator told the BBC that he felt it was his moral obligation to reveal the payouts.

"I decided to burst it open. It was a moral issue," he explained. 

"The National Assembly is one of the most non-transparent organs of government. It pricked my conscience and I decided to burst the bubble and open the National Assembly to public scrutiny."

He explained that by revealing the salaries, he was hoping that the allowances would be scrapped and that senators would only be paid salaries, so that Parliament would attract people who wanted to contribute and not just take. 

"If the expenses payment system was ended then parliament would only be attractive to people who contribute ideas," he said. 

Nigerian citizens took to social media to vent their anger. Up until the Senator made the revelation, there was little hope of everyday citizens learning about the financial arrangements of their MPs. 

Civil society groups have also welcomed Senator Sani's decision to reveal what MPs make. 

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