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Soldiers kill civilians mistaken for militants

Soldiers kill civilians mistaken for militants

Ethiopian state media reports that soldiers in the army killed civilians they mistook for militants along the country's border with Kenya.  

The Ethiopian News Agency reports that the soldiers, deployed to the Moyale area in the Oromiya region were in pursuit of Oromo Liberatioin Front (OLF) fighters who had crossed into the country from three locations. 

The Ethiopian government has branded the OLF a terrorist group because of its secessionist policies. 

The agency reports that nine civilians were killed and 12 injured in the incident. 

"Nine civilians were killed and 12 others were injured during an operation that was launched with faulty intelligence," the agency reports members of the armed forces as saying. 

The incident occurred at a time where the East African country has been played by outbreaks of violence. 

In February, the government imposed a six-month, countrywide state of emergency to tackle the unrest which has shaken the country following Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn's decision to resign. 

The army is reportedly investigating the incident, while several soldiers involved have been suspended. A high-level military delegation has been dispatched to the region to launch an inquiry into the incident. 

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