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Three killed in skydiving accident

Three killed in skydiving accident

Three people died following a mid-air skydiving collision on Mission Beach in north Queensland. 

According to reports, two male instructors and a woman were found dead at Mission Beach just after 3pm on Friday.

"Initial investigations indicate that a solo skydiver may have collided with tandem skydivers in mid-air with their parachutes failing to deploy correctly," a police report stated.

The instructors have been identified as Peter Dawson and Toby Turner on social media. The woman has been indentified as Kerri Pike. 

Witnesses watched helplessly one of the instructors' parachutes didn't open. 

"I was just watching him in free fall until he went behind the trees and that was the last I saw. It wasn’t good to watch. I had my heart in my mouth," the witness told Carins Post newspaper. 

Senior Sergeant Peter Williamson is urging anyone with footage of the incident to come forward and assist the police. 

"We’re appealing for anyone that did witness or has some of kind of footage [of the incident] to come forward to police."

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